Aftercare tips

Aftercare is the key to maintaining your extensions, darling!

Check out our guide to keeping your luscious lengths in optimum condition for up to 2 years, as well as maintaining the health & condition of your natural hair and scalp…


Brush it, darling

  • Use your fingers to gently detangle your extensions daily

  • Use the right tools! The Extensions Darling soft bristle brush has been specially designed to smooth & detangle without damaging or snagging the hair.

  • Start at the ends – brush the ends first, then mid lengths and finally from the root.

  • Brush regularly – at least twice a day – to limit tangling

  • NEVER brush wet hair – wait until your extensions are dry before brushing. Wet hair is more vulnerable to breakage, and wet bonds are more vulnerable to loosening when pulled.

  • BE GENTLE! Protect your extensions and natural hair by brushing and detangling gently – aggressive brushing can cause breakage!


Keep it clean…

  • Wash once or twice a week – washing too often can strip the hair of natural oils and cause dryness, but washing less than weekly can harm bonds as oils begin to build up too much on the scalp.

  • Use the right products! Extensions Darling Shampoo & Conditioner have been specially formulated to provide all the moisture and nutrients your own hair & extensions need to stay healthy and shiny, without harmful ingredients found in many high street shampoos which can strip the extensions and cause shedding.

  • WASH GENTLY! Lather shampoo gently on the scalp and root area, without scrubbing at the bonds or tangling the extensions.

  • Only apply conditioner on the mid lengths and ends – NEVER the root area!

  • Cool rinse – rinse hair in cool water for optimum shine!


Style It!

  • Use protection! Apply heat protector before using any heated styling tools, to prevent causing dryness and breakage

  • Blow dry after washing, paying particular attention to the root area to ensure bonds are fully dry before brushing to reduce premature loss of extensions

  • AVOID touching the bond area with straighteners or other heated tools as this can damage the seal and cause the extensions to fall out prematurely

  • BE GENTLE – just like natural hair, our extensions can be damaged by overuse of extreme heat, so bear this in mind before frazzling the ends with too-hot tools!



  • ALWAYS dry hair before going to sleep! Sleeping on damp/wet hair can cause matting and tangling, as well as damage to the bonds.

  • Sleep on silk! A silk or satin pillowcase is a great investment for your hair (AND your skin – bonus!) helping to reduce breakage and tangling while you sleep!

  • Tie it up – loosely plait or tie hair back before you go to sleep, to help reduce tangling. Our gorgeous vegan silk Sleep Scrunchies are ideal for this!



  • Heat protector is essential to protect your extensions and natural hair from damage when using heated tools like straighteners.

  • Serum – an oil-based product, serum helps to keep mid-lengths and ends silky and shiny, whilst reducing static. Our Extensions Darling Treatment Serum is specially designed for use on extensions as well as natural hair.

  • Leave In Conditioner – Extensions Darling Leave In Conditioner can be spritzed onto the mid lengths and ends when damp to help lock in additional moisture to maintain optimum hair health!

  • Shampoo – the right shampoo is essential to keep your scalp & extensions clean and fresh without stripping the natural oils or damaging the bonds. Extensions Darling Shampoo is beautifully fragranced & luxuriously formulated especially to care for our hair extensions!

  • Conditioner – Extensions Darling Conditioner is also specially formulated for our extensions, to maintain glossy, healthy hair without build-up or weighing the hair down! NEVER apply conditioner to the root area – mid-lengths & ends only!

  • TOP TIP – for the ultimate moisturising boost, leave our Extensions Darling Conditioner to soak in for 5 minutes before rinsing with cool water.


Maintenance …

  • Regular maintenance appointments are essential to maintain the look of your extensions, as well as the health of your natural hair & scalp!

  • Your stylist will advise you how long to go between appointments, but this will usually be between 6-8 weeks.

  • Lost extensions – with nano extensions it’s not unusual for one or two to come loose and slide out between appointments. If this happens just carefully pop them into a pencil case or sandwich bag to keep them safe, and bring them in to your next appointment to have them put back in.